The Branches of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can be a very lucrative career but not sure which path to take? Read on for some simple explanations to help you decide.

As you may already be aware, affiliate marketing is a very simple yet very powerful concept and is known as the fastest and easiest way to earn on the net. At its most basic, the concept is to use the Internet to sell products or services of other businesses on a commission basis. The affiliate receives a commission from the merchant for each sale.

There are many classified types of affiliate marketing but they all fall into two basic categories pay per performance and pay per click.

Pay for performance.

Under this umbrella, Pay Per Performance (PPP) would mean that an affiliate receives a commission when a visitor from their own affiliate ID takes a desired action. It can either be a genuine sale where commission rates are usually anywhere between 10-50% with the most popular products tending to give less…

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