The Book Marketing Snowball

I once spoke to an author whose first book was about to be published, explaining how book signings work, why authors do them, the importance of niche marketing, how distribution works, etc., on the construction of the platform etc. I spent. A lot of time goes into promoting a book, believing that I am imparting some great knowledge. The author paused for a moment, and got to the point.

“Well, that’s all well and good, but how do we get our book into Walmart? They’re going to sell a million copies of my book!”

Unfortunately, most new books by new authors don’t start life on the shelves of Walmart. Something else has to come first, and that thing is customer demand. I explained that marketing a book is like rolling a snowball down a hill. When it first starts spinning, it is a small snowball. As it rolls down the hill, it gradually gets bigger and bigger. By the time it reaches the bottom of the hill, it is considerably larger than when it…

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