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Facts about BSE Trading on Cash Intraday
Get accurate BSE tips for trading in the Indian stock market.

What is BSE?

BSE is the Bombay Stock Exchange which was established in 1875 as ‘The Local Share and Stock Brokers Association’. It is the primary stock trading established in Asia and is one of the largest trading groups in India. It ranks as the tenth largest traded stock on the planet. The Bombay Stock Exchange has proved to be an effective platform for raising capital for the corporate and mechanical segment in India.

The BSE is a demutualized and corporatized entity and has a wide investor base that includes the Deutsche Borse and the Singapore Exchange. These are two of the world’s leading stock exchanges and BSE’s main partners. The exchange market offered by BSE is exceptionally efficient and straightforward. It enables individuals to exchange liability instruments, value, joint assets, subsidiaries etc. This…

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