Importance of Back-End Web Development

When building a new website, developers have to focus on both front-end and back-end development. The front end of an application refers to the code that is visible to website visitors. In general, front-end code creates the interface through which the application communicates with users. On the other hand, the backend code interacts with the server, and provides content or data to be displayed to users. So the backend code deals with the application as well as the web server and database. The combination of application, server and database makes back-end coding both complex and important.

Why should developers pay more attention to back-end web development?

Facilitates the exchange of information.

As mentioned earlier, the backend consists of three main elements of a website, namely the application, the web server and the database. While accessing the user interface of the website, each user is required to provide their login ID and password. The login id and password provided by the user are verified…

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