If Real Estate Licenses Came With Marketing Degrees

Most real estate agents are not marketing experts. They didn’t get into real estate on the way to a lucrative marketing career. In fact, many agents don’t know anything about marketing and so they just do what they’ve always done. And the way it’s always been in real estate is with image advertising. This is not news. This is an obvious fact that can be found just by looking around your own neighborhood and in your own mailbox.

One of the main aspects of image advertising used by real estate agents is a large color photo of themselves. When I see these types of ads and signs, with the agent’s picture prominently featured, I wonder why I should care what he looks like. I know this may sound harsh to many of you who are currently using this type of advertising, but I’m not sure how my real estate agent being photogenic is going to help them sell my house. will get I consider myself an average consumer. And so, for me to pick up the phone and…

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