How to Start Network Marketing – It’s Great

Network marketing, also known as multi-level marketing (MLM) or direct sales is a business opportunity that may fit the bill. If you are thinking about network marketing, here are some facts you may want to consider.

It started in the US and the longest running companies using this method include Amway, Ann Summers and Kleeneze. This is not a sales business. This is a relationship business. The concept of network marketing is to bring your products and services to your target audience with a compelling delivery that communicates the benefits of ownership.

The industry, like the world, has changed to an almost unrecognizable degree in the last 60 years. It’s not like pyramid selling. Rather, it is based on the concept of networking.

This involves using these networks not only to sell product, but also to provide business opportunities to potential new distributors who then begin the process of developing their networks for sales and recruiting.

It is also…

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