How to Make Passive Residual Income As a Freelance Writer at eHow

If you are a writer, or have ever wanted to be, the Internet can allow you to write and earn from the comfort of your own home, on a schedule that you set for yourself.

Most freelance writing jobs online pay writers a one-time flat rate. Although established writers can earn a hefty sum for their articles, most writers trying to break into the freelance writing business receive payments of $5-$20 per article.

Some websites, such as eHow, however, pay their writers a passive, residual income on the articles they write. This means that a writer can write an article today, and still be earning from that article months or years later.

eHow allows writers to choose their own subjects for their articles, and they can be written and submitted at any time of the day or night. Some authors who have been writing for eHow for over a year are now making over $2,000 per month from their residual income.

Anyone can write for eHow. However, payment is only released to authors …

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