How Massachusetts General Law 93A Affects Online Businesses

Massachusetts General Law 93A, entitled Regulation of Business Practices for Consumer Protection, is designed to protect consumers who would otherwise be unaware of their legal rights. Mass. Gen. Law 93A. As it was originally drafted, 93A did not create a private right to sue, a problem that the Legislature quickly addressed, and now both consumers and businesses can enforce 93A to enforce their rights through private law suits. can be used as a basis for implementation. Unlike some other states, Massachusetts’ consumer protection law provides a right to sue for businesses that feel they have been the victim of a deceptive or unfair practice. It is often easier to find consumer protection issues with quality businesses, such as: bait and switch advertising, failure to disclose defects, price gouging, false warranty claims and non-negotiable return/refund policies. . It becomes very difficult to determine when a consumer protection claim based on…

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