Get to Know About the Bitcoin Malpractices That Exist

Bitcoin, the most popular crypto that exists is now considered one of the most popular investments. But did you know that it has spawned many new Bitcoin scams? Yes, it’s true and sadly, if you don’t know anything about these scams, you can become a part of it. This article lets you know about all the types of Bitcoin scams that exist.

These are the types of Bitcoin scams that exist –

Phishing scams

Always be on the lookout for phishing scams. Phishing attacks are definitely a favorite among hackers and scammers. In a phishing attack, a concerned person usually impersonates a service, business or person simply by email or other text-based communication, or by hosting a fake and manipulated website that looks like a real one. It appears. The aim is always to trick the victim into revealing their private details or sending bitcoins to an address owned by the specific scammer.

These types of emails often appear as if they are…

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