Fundamentals Of An E-Commerce Website

What is E-Commerce?: E-commerce is the technology that enables individuals and firms to trade, market and conduct business online. The key points here are that there is no physical market and this model of retailing offers the flexibility that the consumer or customer can shop at the comfort of their home or office and the inconvenience of actually going to the market and making the entire purchase. without lifting We know that traffic is a pain in some cities and here the transportation factor is completely eliminated as transactions are done online. To store and check the various options available in the market you have to go to the store yourself and it is very tiring when people transact online they can check multiple options online eg. You can also check out the t-shirts that are offered by different brands. At the click of their computer mouse.

Promotional Strategy: There are various promotional strategies that can be used by someone who wants to run an online retail store.

Pop-ups: Website pop-ups…

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