Freelance Writers – You Need a Weekly Marketing Plan

Most freelance writers who make a living from their work will tell you that they are usually doing one of two things. They are either working (on a writing assignment) or looking for work (more writing assignments). This is the only way to keep both work and money flowing so they can pay their bills on time.

One way to make it easier to keep up with new work is to create a weekly marketing plan. A good day to plan your week is either Sunday evening (when you’re getting ready for your work week) or Monday morning (before you actually start work). Creating a marketing plan for the week is not difficult. The key is to do it every week.

Your weekly marketing plan should include the following items:

1. Editors and other contacts – These are the people you plan to call or email during the week. This could include an editor you want to query, or who you need to follow up on an assignment or contract, or it could be an editor…

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