Exciting New Features In Java 9

In September, Oracle released Java SE 9 with more than 150 new features. The latest version of the widely used programming language comes with several new features and APIs to speed up the development of applications for both large and small devices. At the same time, the features provided by Java 9 help programmers improve application performance, security, and maintainability. Therefore, it becomes important for programmers to understand some of the key features provided by Java 9.

What do programmers need to know about Java 9?

Module system

Developers can now use improved support for HTML5 and JavaScript to split the JDK into multiple modules. Each modular JAR file contains a module descriptor. Developers can define the interdependencies of different modules through require statements. Modularity makes it easy for programmers to run JVM modules easily on small devices that lack extra memory. At the same time, they can also run only APIs and JVM modules that require…

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