Crypto Currencies Volatility, a Profitable Rollercoaster

This year we can observe cryptocurrencies move up and down by 15% in value on a daily basis. Such price changes are known as volatility. But what if… it’s completely normal and sudden changes are one of the characteristics of cryptocurrency that allow you to make good profits?

First, cryptocurrencies only recently made it into the mainstream, so all the news and rumors regarding them are “hot”. After every announcement by government officials about possibly regulating or banning the cryptocurrency market, we witness a huge price swing.

Secondly, the nature of cryptocurrencies is like a “store of value” (as gold was in the past) – many investors see it as a backup investment option for stocks, physical assets such as gold and fiat (traditional) currencies. Understand. The speed of the transfer also affects the volatility of the cryptocurrency. With the fastest, transfers take just a few seconds (up to a minute),…

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