Can Chiropractors Replace Their Job Joining an MLM?

Looking back over the past year and a half since I joined my first MLM company, it has been a great learning experience. Instead of giving an obvious promotion to join MLM, I want to take this opportunity to discuss both the positives and negatives of joining the network marketing industry if you are a chiropractor.

MLM is a great industry to join, and a great industry to be a part of if you treat it right. Many successful chiropractors are in the MLM industry and have doubled or tripled their practice income. There are several reasons why an MLM is a great fit for chiropractors looking to change careers. Just like with chiropractics, there are many misconceptions in the MLM industry that must be understood if you decide to join an MLM opportunity.

When I joined my first MLM opportunity a year and a half ago, I knew what I had to do to succeed. I took the same path I did when I first opened my chiropractic office. I contacted many people and shadowed…

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