BlackBerry Programming 101 – How to Get Started With BlackBerry Software Development

The success of new BlackBerry models such as the Pearl, Curve, Bold and Storm allowed RIM (Research in Motion) to enter the consumer smartphone market and compete with the Apple iPhone as an application platform. . If you’ve been overlooking the BlackBerry platform because it was too enterprise-focused for your applications, it might be time to target BlackBerry specifically. Here’s how you get started.

It’s time for Java.

BlackBerry development for all recent models is done exclusively in Java. So if you are not a strong Java programmer, now is the time to put your Java programming skills to use. (C# programmers will find the transition to Java quite easy, the languages ​​are very close in most cases.) However, don’t know about the latest Java features, because the BlackBerry Platform Java Micro Edition (Java ME) Made above. which itself is a derivative of Java version 1.3. So forget all the fancy (but useful) language features introduced in Java 1.5.

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