Benefits and Challenges of Multinational Companies (MNCs)

Multinational companies (MNCs) are not without benefits, which may be to the government, the economy, and the public or to themselves. Cole (1996) stated that the size of multinational organization is very large. The total sales of many of them are more than the GND of many nations of the world. Cole also said that World Bank data comparing multinational companies and national GNPs show, for example, that oil majors such as Exxon and Shell are economically larger than South Africa, Australia and Nations like Argentina are much more than these countries. Like Greece, Bulgaria and Egypt.

Other large multinational companies include General Motors, British Petroleum, Ford and International Business Machines (IBM). Some of the advantages of multinational companies are:

1. Large economic activities usually involve large investments.

2. The country enjoys a variety of products, services and amenities, brought to their doorsteps.

3. There is…

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