Beaches and Shopping – Why Cyprus is Ideal For Luxury Holidays

While there’s a lot to be said for adventure vacations in the unknown and cost-saving all-inclusive vacations in Europe, nothing beats a luxury vacation in the Mediterranean. Cyprus is one of the best places to relax and take in everything a luxury holiday has to offer.

The third largest island in the Mediterranean, Cyprus offers the perfect location for a relaxing holiday in the hot, dry summer season. One of the first ports of call for visitors to Cyprus – especially those from milder northern European countries – should be the beach.

With summer temperatures touching the early 30s, Cyprus’ beaches are ideal for spending a day – or several – sunbathing, swimming and, most importantly, enjoying a stress-free holiday. enjoy Naturally, as an island, Cyprus has plenty of beaches to offer visitors, although some of the most popular are around the areas of Lanarkia and Ayia Napa.

The problem – as many visitors to Cyprus will find – is that it…

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