Are You Wasting Your Marketing Dollars on Obsolete Strategies?

Many people who have run a business for a long time get stuck in a rut or habits that may not be the best way to set up the most effective or productive strategy when it comes to marketing. What worked in 1980 or 1990 or even 2000 may not work today.

As we all realize, times have changed and along with them, consumer shopping and purchasing preferences. Whether your customer is an everyday person or another business, decisions about what to buy, how much to pay, where to get it and how to pay for it have been greatly influenced by the Internet.

Years ago, if you wanted to buy a used car, you probably picked up the classifieds section of the newspaper and scanned the appropriate listings. The same goes for real estate. If you were looking for a job, where did you look? Of course, want ads in the paper.

How about clothing, gifts, jewelry, golf clubs, books or even shoes? Well, you might go to the mall for a tiring day, ask a salesperson questions, try…

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