Amber and Ancient Egypt Hidden History Part 8

Viking amber traders and ancient Egypt

According to the Timea, the legend of Atlantis, the Egyptian patriarch said that auricle (amber) was mined in large quantities at Basilea.

Basilea was the capital of Atlantis and was just off the Danish coast.

The Egyptians said it made the fire of lies shine, and the Atlantic covered the walls of their temples with it.

The area between Heligoland and Eiderstedt was the amber country of the ancient world.

The Eider River was used to transport amber around the world. It is on the west coast of the Cumbrian Peninsula, which is present-day Jutland.

Amber routes of pre-Columbian times led to the North Sea coast.

To this day, amber is often washed up on the west coast of Jutland. Amber pieces, pendants, animal figures were produced by thousands of ancient tools.

Several years ago. “Gold of the North”, being deposited by the ton on the northern coast of the Eiderstedt peninsula, on the banks of the River Heuer. 1968, Dike…

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