Access VBA Programming – 3 Advantages to Using VBA Over Macros

If you’ve been working in Access for a while and haven’t added much automation to your database, you’re probably not satisfied. Your database needs more. It’s time to write some VBA code.

Not everything you need to do with your database has to be accomplished through code. Access has several built-in commands that can help automate your application without writing a single line of code.

As a beginner, you usually start by creating a macro. It is a stored series of commands, which enables you to perform various operations. It can be attached to a command button on the form. When you click on it, the commands are then executed. You can use macros for a variety of tasks.

Although they are perfectly acceptable and even recommended in certain situations, VBA has some advantages over macros. Here are 3 benefits you will enjoy:

speed: An action macro will probably run faster than code. However, doing a complex task with 10 or 12 actions takes a lot of time…

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