A Survival Guide For Indian Freelance Writers

Has writing always been your passion? Are you looking for a successful career as a freelance writer in India? Read on…

This article not only provides invaluable tips for budding freelance writers, but also tackles the following issues:

· Freelance writing market in India

· Branding yourself online as a freelance writer

How to Submit Articles to Various Publications

Method of rejection

How to network with other Indian freelance writers.

· Top Freelance Writing Websites in India

Do you often receive mail from publications saying ‘Although your article is very interesting, we feel it does not fit the style and ethos of our magazine…’ or ‘We have just published something. Have you been posting articles on similar topics for a long time? First and deeply regret your incompetence…?’

Then you go back to the drudgery of finding other publications, helplessly, while searching, searching and surfing the indifferent market for an editor who might accept your article and actually publish it. Can you pay for it?

As any…

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