A Few Secrets to Freelance Writing Success (That Have Nothing to Do With Writing!)

A freelance writer called me the other day and asked me for advice on how he could succeed in the new career he wanted. Like many freelance writers, he already had a career and wanted to transition into a full-time writing life. I don’t get many calls like this. Maybe one every five years.

You have to be brave to make that kind of phone call. After all, you’re infringing on someone else who might rightfully perceive you as a competitor. I don’t necessarily recommend that other people considering freelance writing call me or contact other writers they know.

But I can give you some free advice from years of being in the trenches.

By far the best thing a freelance writer can do to set himself apart from the pack and guarantee a steady flow of new and returning business is to market freelance writing as a business. This means keeping regular business hours, having a dedicated business phone line (and even a dedicated fax), and keeping your…

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