5 Lead Generation Tips for Small Business

With so many consumers being active online, marketers have to find effective ways to attract online prospects, convert them into leads and convert them into buyers. But there are many obstacles to these strategies, such as increased competition, consumer reviews on social media, and evolving customer behavior when interacting with advertising.

Here are 5 tips to help you generate quality leads.

1. Use strategically placed CTAs.

The best way to leverage CTAs (calls to action) in lead generation is to focus them above the fold and directly in front of users, across all screen sizes, and one CTA per page. Keeping your call to action above the fold and in plain sight will increase conversion rates as all your visitors will see the offer. If a visitor has to scroll down the page before seeing the offer, your conversion rate will be relatively low.

Don’t hide your CTAs at the end of long-form content as this will reduce the number of visitors…

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