Puppetry – A Dying Traditional Art

Lifestyles have changed so rapidly that many of our traditional crafts and hobbies have been relegated to the archives. Television and videos consume our free time, and incredible information highways have turned us into obsessive-compulsive demons who can’t keep our fingers off the mouse. We have become closed-eyed and kyphotic while sitting in our high-backed chairs staring at computer screens. The tragedy is that our children have also caught the bug, preferring the computer to other mindless games and hobbies. Haven’t we read about people as young as three or four years old, who have already become cyber addicts!

Stress is inevitably an internal response to these high-tech stimuli, and the constant desire to be one with the crowd, leading many young people to depression, anxiety, peptic ulcers and chronic fatigue. In the light of these facts, it would be wise not to neglect our old traditional pastimes which may prove therapeutic, but are unfortunately dying for want of them.

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