Office Stationery Manufacturing in US the Impact of Pandemic

One of the world’s leading economies, now somewhat overshadowed by China, the U.S. suffered further declines in output due to the devastating effects of the pandemic. During the outbreak of Covid-19, manufacturing has slowed down due to the closure of offices, schools and colleges in addition to research institutes and universities.

Studying at home and working from home has been a growing trend during the pandemic and this has significantly reduced the demand for stationery products that are manufactured using different papers. Online activity is bound to increase post-pandemic as a new paradigm is being tested, and it appears to be working.

Most major concerns and organizations will adopt work from home, and separate work offline and online. This will lead to greater engagement in electronic communications such as email and Skype. The preference for electronic conferences will further reduce the demand for stationary products. But the fall is bound to time because after one…

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