Google Go Vs Objective C

1. Introduction

The importance of language for the evolution of culture lies in the fact that mankind has established a world apart from the rest of the world in language, a place it has established so firmly that it can stand on it and lift the rest of the world. Take off its hinges and own it. Inasmuch as man has long believed in the concepts and names of things as eternally affirmed, he has appropriated to himself the pride by which he raised himself above the animals: he has indeed Thought that he has world knowledge in language.Friedrich Nietzsche.

Every computer programmer has some opinions about which programming language of his choice is the best. There are general attributes that most programmers want, such as easier to use syntax, better runtime performance, faster compilation and more specific features that we need depending on our application. These are the main reasons why there are so many programming languages ​​and a new…

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