Benefits of Using an Apache Web Server Explained

Any website on the Internet needs to be hosted on a web server application that serves to deliver pages from the website to the visitor’s browser. Since it was created, Apache has grown rapidly in popularity and acceptance to become the single most popular web server application. To gauge its success, in 2010, it served around 55% of all websites in the world. It was also the first web server to cross 100 million websites just a year ago. Most web servers that use Apache run on UNIX, Linux, or similar operating systems. As an open source software, it is maintained, developed and enhanced by many developers around the world, constantly updating and evolving as web hosting evolves. Change is needed.

It has many features that have led to its immense popularity. Support for programming languages ​​and interfaces including Python, PHP, Perl, TCL, etc.; Authentication modules like mod_access, mod_auth and mod_digest. Its rich…

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